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FITC Amsterdam 2017 Brand Package

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FITC Conference

In my design class we were given a brief to create a design package for the 2017 FITC conference held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The brief asked for, "The New Thing," or whats gonna be the next big thing. When I was handed this brief my mind was all over the place because it was such a broad statement, so I brainstormed and broke the idea down to simple words. Those words were revealing, geometric, future, and decay. I choose these words because we don't quite know what the "new thing," is going to be but we have been trying to reveal it and create suspense for what's to come. The reason I chose decay was because we can only glimpse into the future therefore, we cannot truly know what the next "new thing" is going to be. 


FITC Poster

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T-Shirt Mock-ups

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FITC Logo Lock-up