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Fairyland Titles



Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father

Written by Alysia Abbott

A beautiful, vibrant memoir about growing up motherless in 1970s and ’80s San Francisco with an openly gay father.

Concept:  A Journey Through Memories 

Concept Statement: A daughter’s memory is revealed after reading her father’s journal.

My concept starts off with a person that we don't know who is revealed, until the end of the sequence. We just see the hands opening the journal, we then start to get a top view of the journal soon to find out that there are splashes of watercolor revealing images of the past. We then get close up into the journal and see all of these memories being revealed, with a turning of the page to transition into each scene. The watercolor then starts to reveal the title of the movie. Then the book closes and we lead into the actual movie.


Style frames


Design Decision

Through this concept I wanted to really fill the composition and so I had added black watercolor along the outside frame. I had then duplicated them and reduced the opacity to create a sense of depth. For revealing the memories I wanted to be consistent, so I had used watercolor to reveal those to. I had also chose to use blur and opacity differences on the text and watercolor, to help create a better depth of field. For the typography I had choose Baskerville as my font choice. Transitioning the type I had used the watercolor and blur. I had also put a overlay blend mode on the type so that it blends nice with the journal. Using the rule of thirds I had kept my type in the bottom left and right corners of the composition. For keeping the mood of the sequence warm I had applied a warm filter to the frames so that it doesn't feel so dark, also bumping up the brightness.